During an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about how his father and Van Halen’s iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen commented on Wolf’s solo album before he passed away.

As you may know, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen sadly passed away two months ago after a long battle with throat cancer. His son, Wolfgang Van Halen announced the devastating news with a statement he posted on social media platforms.

After the incident, Wolfgang Van Halen decided to pursue a solo career and released his first-ever solo song named ‘Distance’ with its accompanying video. The song is the first single from Wolfgang’s solo album, which will most likely be out next year.

In addition to being the first solo song of Wolfgang, the track also has a special meaning for him since he wrote the song while his father, Eddie, was battling cancer. The lyrics of his song reflect Wolfgang’s longing and best wishes for his deceased father.

During a recent interview, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his father’s reaction to his album in the making. According to Wolf’s statement, fortunately, Eddie got the opportunity to listen to his son’s album before he passed away.

Furthermore, Wolfgang revealed that Eddie loved his album and he was extremely proud of his son’s work. Eddie Van Halen even referred to his album as the ‘best album of all time.’

Here is what Wolf stated about his father’s reaction:

“Oh, he loved it. He was very proud. He got to hear all of my music before he passed. And he would constantly say, ‘Best album of all time!’ He was really proud.”

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