Alan Niven, who was the manager of the Guns N’ Roses in between 87 and 91, spoke in the recent interview with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon and revealed how Axl Rose disrespected The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger.

As you might already know, Mick Jagger invited the Guns N’ Roses for the ‘Steel Wheels Tour’ at the Los Angeles Coliseum in October 1989, and over 360K tickets were sold for the show.

In the conversation, Alan Niven stated that Axl Rose locked himself in the apartment and didn’t have a wish to show up for the gig. Also, there was half an hour left for their show, and he saw that this disrespectful behavior would be a disaster for the band.

Alan explained how he managed to deal with this problem by saying that he talked with the production manager for The Rolling Stones and asked him if he knows any friend from the police force to make Axl back.

Alan revealed that the police officers took Axl from the apartment and forced him to get in the car. After a short period, Axl came back to the show in the back of the police car with handcuffs.

Here is what Alan Niven sai:

“Guns N’ Roses were offered the entire ‘Steel Wheels’ tour, but for reasons that you can research – I felt that that would be a disaster and passed on it, but we did end up getting an offer from Mr. Jagger to open in LA at two shows at the Coliseum.

We ended up selling four shows at the Coliseum and doing that and getting paid a very handsome salary. The best part of it all was how Axl arrived for the first show. Because he locked himself in his apartment, and we were half an hour from stage time, and he still hadn’t shown up at the gig.

I talked to Michael, the production manager for The Rolling Stones – he was a really cool and level-headed guy, as you’d expect around that class of band – I said, ‘Do you have a friend in the LAPD who will do something without asking questions?'”

He continued:

“He said, ‘Yes, and I don’t know what you want to ask him, so I’m going to leave the room.’ And this guy came in, and I gave him specific instructions.

I told him where Axl is, gave him the address, and I said, ‘You send two uniforms right there in a black and white right now, and if they have to kick the door down and put him in handcuffs…’

“That’s what they did. They put him in back in black and white, and they brought him as fast as possible, right now. And that’s how Axl arrived to the first show opening for The Rolling Stones: in the back of a police car under the threat of handcuffs.”

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