Former Hole and Smashing Pumkins member Melissa Auf Der Maur recently wrote an oppen letter to Kerrang, and said that she will not stand for Kurt’s death overshadowing the life.

Melissa Auf Der Maur, also stated that she recently had tea with Courtney Love. According to Melissa, she’s totally alive and engaged.

Here is what Mellisa wrote:

“This year is, as I’m sure you all know, the 25-year anniversary of Kurt’s death. As a woman who spent quite a bit of time in Hole, and whose entire adult life has been devoted to music and the power of the stories and sounds bringing us together, I must declare, I will not stand for Kurt’s death overshadowing the life and work of the women he left behind this year.

It’s a miracle Courtney is still alive (and I just had tea with her, she’s totally alive and engaged! Ready to go!) and their daughter Frances Bean is thriving and growing into an amazing woman with music in her soul and dreams of her own.

This is their time to shine, in honor of all the women who have been left behind in the world of music and beyond…”

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