Justin Bieber‘s fame grew after the homemade videos he posted on YouTube, and his fanbase has increased each year as Bieber matured as a musician. When considering his accomplishments, it becomes pretty clear that he is one of the most successful pop singers of all time. From 2009 to 2019, Bieber sold 150 million records worldwide, was nominated for Grammys 14 times, and won twice.

However, Bieber is a pop star and has nothing to do with rock. The two genres usually do not mix and cannot be compared. Therefore when we consider Marilyn Manson’s achievements, we discuss whether he was better or worse than Bieber. However, it’s safe to say that they are the opposite of each other. While Bieber has composed children-friendly music, Manson is considered a bad influence on kids. 

Regardless of their differences, in 2016, Bieber wore a Manson t-shirt that read ‘Bigger Than Satan… Bieber’ on the back and Manson’s face on the front. Manson said that he brought up the subject when he encountered him once, and Bieber told him that he made him relevant again with the t-shirt, which frustrated Manson and made him long for revenge.

How Did Marilyn Manson Take Revenge On Justin Bieber?

Manson offered Bieber to perform ‘Beautiful People’ with him at his upcoming concert, and Bieber agreed. When it was time for Manson to show up at the concert, he didn’t go and left Bieber hanging. His revenge did not end with bailing at the concert. Manson also made Bieber pay him for the t-shirts.

Here is how he revealed how he got revenge from Bieber:

“His tour manager sat down, and I asked, ‘What time is sound check tomorrow? What time should I be there? Because we’re going to do ‘Beautiful People.’ Obviously, when 4 p.m. rolled around the next day, I just didn’t show.

Manson later went on Howard Stern’s radio show to talk about the feud, and he stated that it was resolved. Bieber called Manson to ask him what the ‘feud’ articles were all about and that he thought they really hit it off. Bieber also apologized and stated that he doesn’t have any hard feelings. Manson accepted the apology and decided to put the problem on the shelf.