During the recent interview with Real Clear Life, Mark Blake, who author of new book called ‘Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond–The Story of Rock’s Greatest Manager’, has revealed new details about Led Zeppelin.

Mike has revealed how Led Zeppelin members became rich in short period of time. He said:

“He (Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant) always ensured the band got paid. That in and of itself was quite a rarity. At that point in time, it was a cash business. You’d be given a bag of cash and if the promoter asked for money back at the end of the night because of low attendance, bands, in the past, had accepted it.

In Peter Grant’s case, he insisted on being paid in full and he always got the money because he was 6’ 3” and at his worst weighed around 300 pounds. You weren’t going to argue with him. It was almost industry standard to scam the bands and he changed that.

He made sure the band got paid and later on did lots of work negotiating with ticketing agencies. It was unheard of at the time.”

Interviewer asked ‘What was Grant’s crowning achievement while running Led Zeppelin?’, Mike responded:

Getting them to make as much money as they did and getting them paid. Helping them to main a mystique. He was very good at keeping them away from the media. The whole thing of not appearing on television and not releasing singles was absolutely unheard of then.

It was a very daring position to take. I think by doing it, he was able to maintain this aura around the band and that’s why they sold so many concert tickets and full-length records. There was no other way to see or hear them. He changed the way the music business is. The legacy of what he achieved continues now.”

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