Matt ‘mattbd’ Dunn of Ultimate Guitar forums revealed a recent article and compared the economy of Rock to Rap.

He also revealed how much Amerikan rock band Greta Van Fleet earned from the streaming services.

Here’s what he wrote:

“According to CNBC, Spotify pays around $0.006 to 0.0084 per stream meaning each artist now a days has to get hundreds millions of streams to break 7 figures on income.

Historically, artists used to take home 10-15% of record sales when people were still paying to buy them.

Let’s look at the comparison of what each artist did take home versus what they would have in say the 1980’s?

    • Modern day = 50,900,000 (streams) *$0.006 = $305,400
    • Historical = Platinum records sales of 3,000,000 hard copies at $15 a copy = 10% of $45,000,000 = $4,500,000.”

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