In early 2016, Guns N Roses announced the start of a historic reunion tour. Guns N’ Roses, which gave incredible concerts in many countries, reminded every Guns N’ Roses fans that a legend still lives.

A few days ago, the last of the tour was made and the tour ended. The tour was crowned with a variety of live shows and concerts, which echoed in many continents and countries.  Guns N’ Roses had a very high income with this tour.

After the tour, called ‘Not in this life time’, the band members came with some posts in social media. The most famous share that comes in the mind came from the guitarist Slash.

The guitarist shared the following on his Facebook page:

‘’ I/we want to thank ALL of you GN’R fans who were with us for any of 159 shows on the ‘Not in This Lifetime’ tour! It has been an amazing ride. And you guys made it amazing. So thank you from the bottom of my/our heart! Cheers!”

How McKagan Came Back To Band?

Guns N Roses and fans of all rock music over the past few years have been thrilled by the news. Duff McKagan, who left the group in 1993 and worked alone for a long time, has started to appear with the group slowly since 2010. But he still wasn’t exactly back to the band. McKagan’s wife and Axl Rose in 2014 set a meeting. So that, it is started to be told that McKagan is back to the band, but no official statement was made by Guns N Roses.

How Slash Came Back To Band?

In 2016, Slash started to follow the official Twitter page of the Guns N Roses via Twitter, and the rumors began to grow with each passing day.

Later, rumors became reality: Slash came back the group and classic lineup reunion tour has began.

‘’Greatest Hits’’ Broke The Sales Records

Following these developments, Guns N Roses’ album ‘Greatest Hits’ broke sales records worldwide. With the excitement of the reunification news, the masses rushed to buy the album fastly. On the one hand, the big merger tour around the world continued, on the one hand, almost all fans of the band began to take the album again became an extremely enjoyable event.

According to the published data, one of the best-selling albums, Greatest Hits, won $45 million from the 6 million sales in America. The album has just peaked at number 3 in United States!

How Much Legendary Tour “Not In This Life Time” Has Earned?

The tour, called Not In This Life Time, has been going on since 2016 took place on 6 different continents in the world. A total of 159 different live shows took place.

The audience participation in the concert is said to be approximately 4,377,126 people. This rate brings the world’s most-earned 4th biggest music tour to Guns N Roses. According to Forbes, the group has earned approximately $500 million from ‘Not In This Life Time’ tour.

How Much Money They Earned After The Classic Lineup Reunion?

We can infer that the legendary album Greatest Hits and the tour called ‘’Not In This Life Time’’ earned Guns N Roses approximately $545 million.