We have some news about the Final Concert of Slayer. The concert, which was extended to 2019, brought freaky money to Slayer.

We had previously shared with you that Gary Holt had left Slayer’s Farewell Tour. Slayer and Exodus guitarist, Holt, made an emotion-filled statement from Instagram. According to the statement, Gary Holt had to leave the European leg of Slayer’s farewell tour because of his father’s illness.

After this sad news, we will talk about how much the Slayer has earned money from ‘Farewell Concert’ which will last till 3 Aug 2019.

According to Pollstar’s data, Slayer’s North American Tour is the #150 ranked among the top earned in 2018.

And exactly how much money the Slayer Farewell Tour has earned?

· Average ticket price: $45
· Avarage tickets: $6.7 thousand
· Average gross: $310.014
· Total income: $7.4 million

But you should remember that Slayer earned those numbers from just the North American tour in 2018. You can look up to the 2nd leg of the tour right here.

However, Slayer’s extended final European tour will bring lots of money to them. The legendary band has had nearly 20 concerts in Europe so far and tickets sold average of €80.

If we considering American data, the total estimated income for Europe is about €11.5 million. In short, the European Farewell Tour, which will continue in 2019, seems to bring more money than to Slayer than American concerts.

You shouldn’t forget that we’re talking about Slayer even if this amount seems to lot to you.