Ozzy Osbourne’s former producer Max Norman, who worked on five studio albums, spoke in a recent interview with Eddie Trunk and talked about the adorable mistake they made on ‘Crazy Train.’

Even though ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ is Ozzy’s debut studio album, it is one of the most loved ones. In fact, the ‘Crazy Train’ single from this album is probably the most famous song of the musician.

Before the iconic riff starts in the song, Ozzy’s scream ‘Oi’ continuously echoes. This is probably the most recognizable part of the song that has excited the audience for ages, but as it turns out, Ozzy made up this sound by mistake.

In the conversation, Max revealed that Ozzy unintentionally yelled ‘Oi’ without thinking it could be used as a sample, and they even made fun of this part when they listened to it. However, they decided to add another one.

As Max said, Ozzy didn’t sing ‘Oi’ twice, but they decided to add more sound samples to make it sound deliberate and not a mistake, which created one of the most iconic voices in the metal music community.

Max Norman talked about the ‘Crazy Train’ song in the interview:

“So, we’re doing ‘Crazy Train,’ and all of a sudden, we’re doing the first line, so I’m playing the intro, the beginning of the intro, the whole riff, and he goes ‘Oi,’ he goes ‘I’m kind of laughing, leave it on there,’ because you can keep everything, basically.

So I leave it on there and he sings the first line, and he said, ‘How was it?’ I said, ‘Good, Ozzy, now double it.’ So coming from the beginning of the song again, and he hears this ‘Oi,’ and he goes ‘Oi’ after it, so we start laughing, and then we decide to put one more on there.

So he goes ‘Oi, oi, oi,’ so it was a mistake, actually. He was supposed to double the ‘Oi,’ but he didn’t, and then we added another one to make it not seem like a mistake.”

Later in the conversation, Max also revealed that he didn’t record this sound as ping-pong echo, which makes you hear left and right in series. According to Max, people can understand if it is a mixed or original record from this feature.