In an interview with Music Radar, Evanescence guitarist Troy McLawhorn talked about the musicians and bands who inspired him the most and revealed how Pantera and their late guitarist Dimebag Darrell changed the direction of metal music completely.

As you may recall, on December 8, 2004, Pantera‘s talented guitarist Dimebag Darrell got shot by a deranged young fan named Nathan Gale multiple times. The 38-year-old musician was pronounced dead at the scene. The tragic incident happened during the performance of the band he formed with his brother Vinnie Paul, Damageplan, at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

Recently, Evanescence guitarist Troy McLawhorn joined an interview with Music Radar and answered questions about the bands and musicians he was influenced during his music career.

As a response, McLawhorn shared an old memory when he was in a band touring around the United States and revealed they were actually listening to Pantera’s 1990 album ‘Cowboys From Hell‘ repeatedly. He mentioned that the album was actually influenced the music of his band created by stating:

“I remember that album came out and I was in a band, touring the States. We did a lot of driving and I just remember it being in the cassette player in our van forever! We listened to it over and over.

It really changed that band. We started going in a heavier direction immediately. We beefed our sound up and started writing heavier riffs. It changed the way we all thought about heavy music.

Furthermore, Troy claimed that Pantera and Dimebag Darrell altered the path of metal music by taking it to a heavier level and added:

“One thing I loved about Dimebag is that he loved all the same music that I loved growing up. He just took it somewhere completely different. The riffs were crazy and heavy.

That first album really bridged the gap; they had the high singing and the crushing riffs but still that 80s production, then they carried it to the extreme and changed metal.

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