In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Orianthi talked about the time she was approached by the late pop icon Prince who allegedly wanted to steal her while she was still touring with Alice Cooper.

As you may know, in 2016, the legendary musician, Prince sadly passed away at the age of 57. Prince was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park Studios, Minnesota. The cause of his death revealed as an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl, a powerful opioid.

Recently, the talented Australian musician Orianthi joined an interview with Ultimate Guitar to talk about her upcoming album titled ‘O’ which would be released on November 6, 2020. Additionally, Orianthi revealed the real story behind the rumors that Prince tried to steal her while she was a touring guitarist of Alice Cooper.

During the interview, Orianthi confirmed that Prince did call and invited her to jam together. She also stated that the pop music legend even wanted to produce her first album, however, the label didn’t want to do it.

Here’s how Prince reached out to Orianthi:

“Yeah, well, I knew Prince since like 2007. He called me… I don’t know how he got my number… The day after he played the Super Bowl. It was a call from a private number and it was Prince and he was like, ‘Hi Ori, this is Prince…’

I thought it was my friend playing a prank on me so I was about to hang up and he said it really was him. He said he had seen my YouTube videos and he was coming into LA to the Record Plant the next day and he was bringing Sheila E, and wanted to jam with me for a few hours.

So I met him at The Record Plant with Sheila E and we ended up jamming. He played bass, I played guitar, and Sheila played drums. We jammed for like four hours and he wanted to produce my first album but the label said no.”

Furthermore, Orianthi claimed that Prince was calling her randomly from private numbers from time to time and asked whether she was doing okay. She mentioned one time he called she was on the tour bus with Alice Cooper. Apparently, Cooper was shocked when he learned Prince was calling his touring guitarist.

Here’s what Orianthi told about Prince’s random calls and revealed the time he wanted to play table tennis with her:

“He would randomly call me from a private number two or three times a year, just to check-in. I’d be on the tour bus with Alice Cooper and he’d be like, ‘Who was that?’ and I’d tell him it was Prince and he’d say, ‘What!?!’

He called me up about three months before he, unfortunately, left us and said that he wanted to play table tennis with me, which was crazy.

He asked me, ‘Do you own a table-tennis table?’ I said I didn’t but I could find one. He said it was going to be him against me and my partner and he insisted he was going to win. He was being really funny.

He just had the greatest sense of humor. He was just such an inspirational musician and he always kept this childlike energy and enthusiasm for music and he just never stopped creating.”

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