Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer joined an interview with Guitar World in which he revealed how Red Hot Chili Peppers had an impact on Eddie Vedder‘s decision to form Pearl Jam.

Josh Klinghoffer is mostly known as the former guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers who worked with the band for the time period between 2009 and 2019. In 2009, he joined the band as John Frusciante’s replacement and recorded two studio albums with them. More recently, Klinghoffer joined Pearl Jam as a touring musician.

As you may know, there happens to be a connection between RHCP and Pearl Jam. Back on September 24, 1991, RHCP released their fifth album ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik.’ Following the release, the band decided to go on a tour to promote the album. They then kicked off their Blood Sugar Sex Magik tour with Pearl Jam as one of their opening acts.

Speaking to Guitar World for a new interview, Josh Klinghoffer talked about the connection between Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He said that RHCP kicked off one of their first tours together with Pearl Jam in 1991. Klinghoffer also added that former RHCP drummer, Jack Irons, connected Eddie with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament before Pearl Jam was formed.

Klinghoffer told Guitar World that:

“The Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam have a long, intertwined history. The Chili Peppers took Pearl Jam out on one of their first tours back in 1991. Jack Irons – the original drummer of the Chili Peppers – connected Eddie with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament in Seattle. And then Jack Irons went on to become the drummer in Pearl Jam for a little bit. Basically, the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam have just been close.”

It seems that Red Hot Chili Peppers was an important figure for Pearl Jam becoming one of the most prominent alternative rock bands. Besides, if it weren’t for Jack Irons, there might not be Pearl Jam today.