Maria Brink, the legendary vocalist of In This Moment, had a pretty challenging childhood, to say the least. When she was young, her father abused her and her mother. Maria got pregnant at the age of 15 and had her son while helping her mother get over her drug addiction and substance abuse. However, she was aware of her talents and decided to put them to use.

When Brink first met Chris Howorth, the guitarist of In This Moment, he didn’t want to let her audition because she was a woman. Nowadays, we see these scenes in movies, but Brink had to go through this personally. When Howorth heard her sing, he instantly regretted his initial decision and apologized for being ‘stereotypical.’

Because Brink was also interested in theatre, she successfully pursued this passion by carrying her theatrical talents on stage while performing. This helped the band grow successfully and kept the interest of the rock/metal world for a long time.

The band was formed in 2005, and in 2008 they released their second album, ‘The Dream,’ which made it to No. 73 on Billboard 200. Their success kept on escalating on the Billboard as they dropped new albums. Their fourth album, ‘Blood,’ was No. 15, and their fifth album, ‘Black Widow,’ ranked No. 8.

Maria Brink’s Net Worth Is $2 Million

Maria Brink is known to be one of the strongest female vocalists of all time. She has been awarded Rock Goddess of the Year in 2013 and 2015 during the Loudwire Music Awards. Like her bandmate Chris Howorth, many people find her vocals hard to believe. In almost every concert video on the band’s YouTube channel, at least one comment states their surprise that she can sing so well without any effort.

Although there isn’t a solid net worth number, according to Wealthy Persons, Brink’s net worth is only $2 Million. Their 2011 album ‘Blood’ sold over 10,000 copies the year it debuted, and their latest album ‘Mother,’ and was nominated for the Best Metal Performance category for the song ‘The In-Between.’

Brink likes to keep off the radar when it comes to her personal life and personal belongings. Therefore, it is normal for the media not to know exactly how much she has or keeps.