During a recent podcast with ‘Drinks With Johnny,’ hosted by Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ, the bassist of Ozzy’s band, Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson remembered his past days, and he talked about his career.

Blasko also detailed his joining to Ozzy’s band, and he revealed how he left White Zombie band, and metal star and the founder of White Zombie, Rob Zombie.

Here’s what Rob Nicholson told to Johnny Christ:

“My Danzig period was very short, like, it ended up being only one gig, even though I was in the band for a while and stuff. It was sort of this weird chasm-empty-time when he was maybe getting into other things, like, trying to make movies or comics and whatever.

But the interesting part of the Danzig band that was in it was me who went on to do what I did, it was Joey C. [Castillo], who is the drummer, he went on to be the drummer in Queens of the Stone Age for a long time [from 2002 to 2012]; and then the guitar player was Dave Kushner, who went on to be the guitar player in Velvet Revolver.

So we had a pretty fucking good band, and then we all went off to do our thing and stuff – it was fun just to have a short tour of duty in the Danzig camp.

“The interesting part of all that is we were managed by the same company, Drown opened a few shows for White Zombie, and that’s when I met Rob, that was the connection. Like, ‘I’m putting together a solo band, you doing anything?’ ‘Nope. What do you mean?’ ‘Would you play in my band?’ ‘Yeah, sure, why not, that sounds awesome.’

And then that was eight years. It was cool. I think the expectations for that, not his expectations, but the expectations from sort of the people around me and in the camp was, like, ‘We’re just gonna let him do this solo thing and then and then he’s going to go back to White Zombie, so don’t get too comfortable here.'”

What are some fond memories that you can say you had during that eight-year stretch? You said you moved more into the hired-gun thing. Did you have any influence in your actual playing or songwriting on that or was that, like, ‘Here’s the work’?

Yeah, I didn’t really care about that – because I don’t feel like I’m getting sawn off at the waist because my creativity’s getting cut off so I can’t write songs, so it’s kind of, like, ‘Let the professionals handle that, let me just support that.’ I just want to, like, play, be cool and have fun – that’s it.”

He continued:

“That’s kind of a similar trajectory of just being in front of the right people at the right time. I mean, when I was in Zombie, we had done four tours with the Ozzy camp, whether it was Ozzy or Sabbath.

So I have been in front of that camp, like, five or six times – it’s one of those things, like, ‘Man, we’re looking for a dude’ – who do you look at? We look at the people that are the closest in our proximity that have a good reputation, you know?

So yeah, so I got a call, like, ‘Hey, we’d love you to help us on this tour and see what happens,’ and, ‘Yeah, of course, all day long.'”

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