Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in an interview with Mitch Lafon and claimed that famous rock magazine, Rolling Stone, treated him and his band.

According to UG’s report, Steve Lukather described them as “bullies”. Here’s the statement:

“They just got me again the other day, and you know why? Because I refused to talk to them again. So they set out this fucking wanker just to purposely go after us like it was 1978. These guys have been after us since day one, and I know why.

Here’s the thing – we came out at exactly the same time when Sex Pistols came out. We were young guys who studied music and our heroes were The Beatles, Steely Dan, stuff like that. We spent our whole life trying to be great, growing up, and all of a sudden they picked us out of the pile of all the bands of that era probably because, you know, we had a shitty name.

When the guys wanted to name the band, I was like, ‘Really guys?!’. But I’ve grown to love it – it’s been very good to me. At the time, we were the band to pick on. We didn’t have a cute lead singer, we didn’t dress right – we didn’t play the game. We studied music and we thought that was good enough, and in the ’70s it was, but after that, it got weird.

These guys were tragically all failed musicians. They couldn’t make it as players so they start writing about what they can’t do and they hate people that can do it well. Through history, you look at who they like and who they don’t like, you don’t even have to ask the question.

On how Rolling Stone magazine disrespected James Hetfield and Dimebag Darrell, he said:

I don’t think Lou Reed is the greatest guitar player in the world, but he’s in Top 10 in the Rolling Stone [Lou is at No. 81 on Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, above Alex Lifeson, James Hetfield and Dimebag Darrell, among others]. He’s a great songwriter, he’s a great lyricist, no argument there. But best guitar player? Come on…

Here’s the thing: we turned down the cover of Rolling Stone in 1982 – because they hate us. I mean, would you put your ballsack into a woodchopper? Of course you’d turn this down. ‘No, we’re not going to do that.’

All these years later, the resurgence of all that stuff, all of a sudden they want to make nice? After 45 years, you want to keep up this bully sort of vendetta against people you’ve never even met?”

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