Famous talent manager Doc McGhee, who worked for bands such as Mötley Crüe, KISS, and more, talked about the weird conversation he had with Sebastian Bach during a recent interview with Golden Robot Records.

In the conversation, Doc recalled when he had a television show on MTV and said that they requested to gather a supergroup for the show. Therefore, he brought up Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, John Bonham, and Evan Seinfeld.

However, somebody told Doc that Sebastian Bach was pretty upset and angry with himself even years after leaving Skid Row. At first, Doc didn’t understand why he would still be mad after so long.

After having a conversation with Sebastian, Doc realized that Sebastian was furious because he believed that Doc had taken away all the publishing from the frontman after his departure from Skid Row.

Although Sebastian hadn’t written anything for the band, which is why he shouldn’t get any publishing rights, Bach refused to accept this. Therefore, Doc just simply fudged the topic.

Doc McGhee explained why Sebastian was pissed off:

“When Sebastian Bach left Skid Row, and then later in life, I have to do a terrible fucking TV show called… I did it for MTV — for Rick Krim at MTV… VH1. And he said, ‘You have to do this thing called ‘SuperGroup’ for me.

You put together the supergroup. We can’t tell you who’s gonna be in the band.’ I said, ‘Well, I’m not gonna do it, because I’m not gonna have fucking idiots, and then I’m gonna look like an idiot.’ ‘No, no. This is gonna be big. I’ll do anything for you.’ Blah blah blah blah blah. ‘Okay. Fine.'”

He continued:

“I show up.  Sebastian Bach, Ted Nugent, the kid from Biohazard, the bass player… and Jason Bonham. But I’m sitting there with Sebastian, and somebody says to me, ‘You know Sebastian is pissed off at you.’ And I go, ‘Okay. What could he be pissed off at me for? It’s been years since he’s been in Skid Row. What can he be pissed?’

‘Well, you took all his publishing away from him.’ So I said, ‘Really? Did I take his publishing away from him? How the fuck did I take his publishing?’

I said, ‘Let’s get Sebastian.’ So I get Sebastian. And I go, ‘So, Baz, I hear that you think that I took your publishing away from you.’ He said, ‘I didn’t get any publishing.’I said, ‘Sebastian, you didn’t write anything. If you don’t write f*cking something, you don’t get it.’ But he doesn’t get it. So, it’s, like, okay, whatever.”

You can check out the full conversation below.