System Of A Down’s long-time bassist Shavo Odadjian was the latest interview guest of Kerrang’s Paul Brannigan and talked about life, how long he thinks that he’s making proper music and touring with Slayer.

After releasing his solo band named North Kingsley’s three-song EPs named ‘Vol. 1’ this month, Shavo was asked how his new musical project came together. While admitting that he’s a workaholic, Shavo also stated that they’re now working too much and have a few shows as System Of A Down.

This way, he started writing lots of music and could not make it happen with System Of A Down, they’ve ended up meeting a producer named Saro and released the project.

In the interview, Shavo also talked about the good-old-days they’ve ended up touring with Slayer in 1999 and how good was that experience. According to Shavo, this was a mind-blowing experience, being on stage with icons like Gary Holt.

Let’s hear what he said:

“That was actually our third proper tour: the first one was with Slayer and Clutch, across America, and then we did Ozzfest 1998, side stage.

And then Slayer hit us up, and was like, ‘Yo, we love you guys, want to come to Europe with us?’ And we were like, ‘Fuck yeah, dudes!’ It popped our touring cherries properly!

We were out there in make-up, playing songs like ‘Sugar,’ before two of the heaviest bands in the world, and we got booed a lot. [Laughs]

It didn’t bother us; we were like, ‘Fuck you! You’re going to love us one day!’ That mentality kept us going. And Slayer had our backs. When kids saw Tom Araya standing side-stage watching us, that kinda earned us some respect.”

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