Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil has a successful music career that spans over four decades, including numerous achievements with his band and his solo career. Like many other musicians, Neil has also had his ups and downs throughout his career, mainly due to his appearance and vocals, but it recently got worse.

Despite once being one of the most admirable frontmen in heavy metal history, Vince Neil has turned into one of the most criticized vocalists after his controversial performance. Because of his recent unexpectedly bad show, Neil has been shutting himself off from all of his fans, and it’s fair to say that he hasn’t been handling the backlash in the best way. Let’s take a closer look at his actions after the recent career-ending moment.

Vince Neil Received Major Criticism After Walking Off Stage

Following his performance with his solo band at the Boone Iowa River Vallet Festival, Vince Neil received major backlash from many fans and music critics due to leaving the stage in the middle of the show. While performing numerous Mötley Crüe classics, it was pretty clear that Vince wasn’t in his best shape physically and vocally. It came to a point when Vince just couldn’t continue.

Neil performed nearly all of the setlist with the help of back vocals and he seemed out of breath until leaving the stage for good. After the disastrous show, many people criticized the musician since he was supposed to be getting in shape for the upcoming ‘Stadium Tour’ like other Mötley Crüe members. Therefore, fans are now concerned about the future of the ‘Stadium Tour’ as well as Vince Neil’s career since many music critics reffed to his performance as ‘career-ending.’

In the middle of this chaos, Mötley Crüe’s frontman decided to cancel another show at Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel that was supposed to happen on June 18. While the administration didn’t reveal any details about the decision, the announcement worried Neil’s fans even further about his current status.

Vince Neil Has Been Avoiding His Fans Since Then

Vince Neil decided to stay silent throughout this whole situation and didn’t share any posts on his social media accounts until recently when he announced his return to the stage via a post on his official Instagram page. The shows were supposed to start on August 6 at the Nashville INDYCAR race, and fans were curious to see if the rocker has worked on himself for the past months.

While it was exciting to hear from the rocker after weeks of silence, it was actually interesting to see that Neil turned off his comments section under the post. Although his purpose was clearly to avoid hurtful comments about his previous performance, it came off as if he was giving credit to the haters due to his lack of confidence.

Recently, Vince Neil shared another post on his official Instagram page celebrating the winner at the Nashville INDYCAR race in addition to thanking them for having him and his solo band on stage as the performer. While the show marked his return to the stage following the special event he performed at, Neil once again banned his fans from commenting under the post.

In addition to this, Mötley Crüe’s icon shared a video from the performance, which showed that he’s getting better at feeling confident once again. However, it was later revealed that the video has no sound, just the visuals, which means that either Neil is not ready to deal with the comments about his lack of stamina or that he hasn’t had time to improve it enough. However, fans are still hopeful for the upcoming shows since the rocker proved he got better in the video Eddie Trunk shared from the special event.

You can see Vince Neil’s controversial moment on the stage below.