Famous American radio and television personality, Howard Stern’s long-time talk radio show The Howard Stern Show’s unofficial fan page, MarksFriggin posted the transcript of one of the latest episodes and revealed Howard’s real thoughts on Avril Lavigne.

After playing Avril Lavigne’s muchly-loved “My Happy Ending” song, Howard said he’s watching Avril’s videos almost every day.

Here is the transcript of the latest episode:

“After the break, they played Avril Lavigne’s ”My Happy Ending” as they were coming back. Howard came back and said he loves Avril. He said he watches her videos to this day. He said she was this cute, scared type chick. He said he likes her look and her voice and the songs. He said he thinks she’s the shit. He said he knows that guys think he’s gay for that. He said guys like Ronnie.

He said he just likes Avril Lavigne. He said she came in and did the show. He said she was married to the guy from Nickelback. He said this song is good. He said he likes in the videos where she slings the guitar real low. He said she looks bad ass. He said she’s very sexual to him. He said if he was a good looking dude and chicks were into him he’d fall hard for someone like her.

Howard said it’s hard for dudes to be fans of female rock stars. He said it’s sexist or something. Robin said there are many female country singers. She said they have a hard time getting air play.”

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