Famous TV and Radio personality, Howard Stern made an interesting statement about Eddie Van Halen after the ongoing rumors about him struggling throat cancer for a while.

Howard Stern revealed a never-told-before story about Eddie and how he allegedly lied about his father who taught him how to play guitar.

Here is the transcription of the recent Howard Stern Show, by MarksFrigging.com:

“After the break they played Big Country’s ”In a Big Country” as they were coming back. Howard came back and asked what happened to these guys. Fred said they’re on tour but not with the original lead singer. Howard asked how you do a tour with just one hit song. Fred said they may have more than one. Howard said everything is so f***ed up.

He said everything makes him crazy. He said he takes lessons about painting. He said anyone you talk to about playing guitar or anything like that they always say they never took a lesson. Robin said those are the people who are going to push the medium forward. Robin said they already have what everyone knows. Howard said he thinks they’re lying. Robin said plenty of people do play without lessons. Howard said it’s all bullshit. Robin said Stevie Wonder went into the studio and he walked around and played every instrument. Howard said he had lessons. Robin said he did not. Howard said he had to have lessons. Robin said he had piano lessons. Robin said he could play everything. Howard said he had lessons.

Here is the transcription of Eddie Van Halen story:

“Howard said Eddie Van Halen will tell you that they picked up the instruments and just started playing but it turns out their father was a musician. An Eddie Van Halen ‘worse than cancer’ claim was made a couple of days ago. Robin said Simone Dinnerstein asked for a piano at 5 years of age. She said they bought her one of those Harmonium things and she mastered it in a week without lessons. Howard said it’s fake news. He said he guarantees she had lessons. Robin said then they got her a real piano and a teacher. Howard said Fred had lessons. Fred said for 3 months he did.”

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