The well-known TV and radio personality, Howard Stern’s unofficial fan page, began to release Summer Vacation Replay Special transcribes of The Howard Stern Show for a while.

In one of those latest recaps, MarksFriggin shared a really bizarre story of Howard Stern’s revealing the details of how Paul McCartney and John Lennon masturbated in the same place.

Here is the story, transcribed by MarksFriggin:

“Howard said Paul McCartney says he had a jerk off session with John Lennon. He said that he has to come back in there. He said he had a friend once who wanted to jerk off in the same room together. He said he doesn’t do a lot of sex stuff even though he talks about it. He said he never did anything like that.

Gary said that he was asking the guys in the back who did that kind of stuff. He said Sal did it with a bunch of guys in the same room with stockbrokers. Howard said Richard did it with a friend. He said that’s weird stuff. He said it’s the kids out on the farm doing weird shit. Robin said that’s where that stuff arises from. Howard said it’s weird to do a jack off party. He said he thinks Sal has done every deviant thing there is.”

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