The iconic TV and Radio personality, Howard Stern made a new statement on his long-time going, The Howard Stern Show, and revealed why Eddie Van Halen thought that Michael Anthony was not good enough to play with Van Halen.

The fansite of Howard Stern, transcribed the comments of Howard and published yesterday.

Here is what’s written:

“Howard said they have such a good catalog of music on that app. He said he was watching that clip of Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony in there.

He said they were talking about how they wrote a song and how Eddie Van Halen was outside his window yelling at him to come downstairs. He told the story about what went on with that song ”Finish What You Started” continued:

“Fred played some of that performance in the studio. Howard said you have to watch these guys. He said Michael Anthony is so good with the harmonies. He said if he could do that he’d be carrying on about it. He said Michael just does it.

Howard said it’s a song about blue balls. He said it’s so great. He said he loves musicians and what they do. He said it’s beautiful. He said he had a band but nothing happened. He said it was awful. He said he told Fred to write him a hit song and nothing happened.”

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