Steve Lukather, the founding member and guitarist of Toto, has commemorated the late legend, Eddie Van Halen, while revealing that he’s in touch with his brother and the great drummer, Alex Van Halen, who has gone out of sight a long time ago.

During his latest chat on Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, the prolific musician, Steve Lukather, has talked about the current status of the Van Halen family, referring to the brand new single of Wolfgang dedicated to his father, and his ongoing communication with Alex Van Halen.

As you may know, Van Halen co-founder Alex Van Halen has been appearing neither in public nor on social media for a long while now. The drummer has last released a message after losing Eddie Van Halen on October 6, 2020, and withdrew into his shell.

As the fans have been wondering about Alex, Lukather has given the great news that he still talks to him. Within the course of the interview, Lukather was asked what’s a riff Eddie wrote that Steve wishes he, himself, wrote. Though it was hard to pick one, Steve named ‘Mean Street,’ the opening track of Van Halen’s fourth studio album, ‘Fair Warning.’

Later on, he reminisced about all the time he spent with Eddie Van Halen and the whole Van Halen family since the 70s. Lukather said he loves everything Eddie did and losing him really hurt bad. While conveying his congratulations and condolences to Wolf Van Halen, Steve signaled a new project with Alex Van Halen indicating their contact.

Here’s what Steve Lukather said when he was asked which Eddie Van Halen riff he wishes he wrote:

“I don’t know, man, he wrote a lot of great riffs… I’d be hard-pressed to pick one. ‘Mean Street’ comes to mind – everybody loves that one.

I love all – everything he did, I love. I mean, we’ve known each other since the ’70s, and I adored him.

This one really hurt bad. I’m in touch with Alex a lot, I said Wolfie my congratulations – also my condolences, of course – but he’s out busy doing exactly what he should. Thank god he’s busy, promoting something that’s being embraced.

I was surprised. I wasn’t really sure what to think what it was going to be like, and I was really knocked out.

It was really melodic, it killed me how great his voice is – fucking amazing. He’s a very talented kid, I’m not worried about his career.”

You can check out the full interview here and the video of ‘Mean Street’ below.