Bernie Marsden, who is the original guitarist of Whitesnake, talked in a recent conversation with Classic Rock and revealed some stories from the days he was playing for AC/DC as touring guitarist.

In the conversation, Bernie admitted that he had no idea how big AC/DC at that time. He continued and stated that he figured out AC/DC’s glory and perfection after he gets into the backstage of them.

Here’s what he said:

“I had no idea how big AC/DC was at the time because I’d last seen them at the Marquee years earlier. We opened the first night and there were about eight thousand people.

We got to the gig for the soundcheck, and there was this English pub all set up backstage – dartboard, pool table, bar, pipes, glasses, beer mats, everything.

Between sets, we’d be playing darts. I might be teamed up with Malcolm [Young] or Angus [Young] and we’d be playing Brian Johnson and Ian Paice.”

He continued:

“The crowd would be going nuts outside, screaming: ‘AC/DC! AC/DC!’ Then just at the point when you thought there might be a riot, the bell would ring, they’d put the darts away and off they’d go.

It was just amazing. I stood and watched them every night. I think it was one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bills of all time.”

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