The daughter of the rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett, responded to a fan’s question about her relationship with her father and revealed why she was so frustrated answering this question.

The iconic guitarist Eric Clapton had a short-term relationship with Yvonne Kelly. The couple had a daughter named Ruth, who turned 35 years old this year. Ruth Clapton has been happily married to Dean Bartlett and the couple had two lovely sons, Isaac and Theodore. She also has been working on her personal blog where she shares insights of her personal life.

As an active user of social media platforms, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett often answers questions from her fans and followers by starting short Q&A sessions on her Instagram account. The fans often ask questions about her relationship with her father.

Recently on Instagram, a follower wanted to know whether Ruth was seeing her father often or not. As a response to the question, she revealed that she actually hated this question since a lot of people asked her about how often she was seeing Eric so many times.

Furthermore, Ruth stated that she was seeing her father as much as an average 35-year-old person would see their father. She also stated that she hoped not to be bothered by this question ever again since it was sort of rude to ask people about their personal relationships with their parents.

Here’s what Ruth Clapton-Bartlett answered the question about her relationship with her father:

“I really hate this question, I’m just going to be honest. I have had this asked of me really often since I was really little. In all honesty would you ask this of a ‘normal’ person (whatever that means)?

My answer is this, I see him as often as a 35-year-old would see their parent who lives 190 miles away. I don’t post much of our time together on here because I respect his privacy. Hopefully, this question will get asked less or maybe not at all.

Like I never ask my friends if they see their parents often as I just assume that they see them as often as they can because they’re their parents?!? Obviously, not everyone is lucky enough to have both or to have a relationship with them but then I think I’d just wait until that friend wanted to open up about that before I started questioning them about it.”

As you may recall, not a long time ago, in another Q&A session on Instagram, Ruth Clapton mentioned that her father was a very private person. She also stated that even though she wasn’t disturbed by the questions related to her father, she was trying to respect his personal boundaries.

You can see the statement Ruth Clapton-Bartlett posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton-Bartlett – Instagram