In an interview for Exodus vocalist Steve Souza‘s YouTube show, former Overkill and current Vio-lence guitarist Bobby Gustafson talked about his resemblance with Metallica frontman James Hetfield claiming he had a much better look than him.

As you might remember, Bobby Gustafson has been the target of criticism due to his similar visual appearance with Metallica icon James Hetfield, particularly with wearing the same kind of wristbands and having similar stage moves.

In a recent conversation with Exodus vocalist Steve Souza on his Youtube channel, Bobby responded to the claims of him trying to look like James Hetfield. Bobby claimed that he was looking way better than James and added:

I was the better-looking one. That’s all I’ve gotta say. Well, not all of it… He’s actually the one who recommended the guitar. I got it from Gibson. They gave me a white V, white Explorer. I still play ’em — love ’em to death.

But sometimes you can do something first, but you don’t reach as many people as someone who hits a million people. So they think he did it first sometimes, and you’re just still underground.”

Furthermore, Bobby Gustafson talked about the time he was auditioned to temporarily replace James Hetfield for Metallica during his recovery period due to an accident he had on stage in 1992. Bobby explained his short experience with Metallica in details:

“They had called me. Tony called me, their road manager at the time. He gave me the entire setlist to learn in two days. I had, like, 18 songs. But I knew bits and pieces of Metallica; I couldn’t get my way through an entire song. That’s just not what I did — I didn’t learn other people’s stuff. So they probably thought I knew it.

I did the last show — which I should have canceled — but I did the last show with I4NI, and they were flying me out to Denver to audition. And I said, ‘Well, I can’t learn all these songs. What am I gonna do?’ So I tried to learn the changes of the vocals. I said, ‘Let me get really into the vocals and I’ll get all the changes in.’ I was supposed to leave Newark airport. There was a downpour for, like, 10 minutes, and it delayed my flight for, like, four hours, so I wasn’t getting into Denver till really late. And James was still in pain then, so he didn’t wait — he left.”

He continued:

“So, they canceled it for the night and we went the next day. I’m, like, ‘Oh, great. I’ve got some time to work on the stuff.’ But then the next day he didn’t even show up. And then they auditioned on five songs. So I’m, like, ‘Why didn’t they just tell me the five songs? I could have spent a lot of time learning them instead of spreading it out.’ So he wasn’t there the next day. It was just me, Kirk and Lars and Jason.

Yeah, I missed out on that. That probably would have been pretty cool. That would have been my first outdoor stadium rocking show.”

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