During an interview with GQ Magazine, Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, talked about his journey in the music industry and discussed his different approach to creating music in comparison to other artists.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Jimmy Page revealed his concerns about how COVID-19 has affected and will continue affecting the music industry and young artists while talking about his approach to playing music.

Jimmy Page is without a doubt, one of the most influential and successful rockstars of all time. Even though he has also had a brief solo career, it is known that he enjoys being in a band and playing with other people. For example, Led Zeppelin was founded by Jimmy Page and it is one of the most popular and enduring bands of all time and they have sold approximately 300 million records to date.

Thus, Jimmy Page’s views on the contemporary and future music industry are of high importance. During his conversation with GQ magazine, Jimmy Page expressed his concerns about artists not being able to perform live due to the pandemic.

Jimmy Page said that the virus has affected everyone including artists who cannot perform. He went on to say that performing live and with other people is what helps artists improve themselves and gives meaning to what they do.

Furthermore, he stated that he will never be one of those people who record alone and just send the file to their producer. He stressed that the main reason why he is so passionate about music is that he loves playing with other people. Music for Jimmy Page seems to mean creating something together.

Here is what Jimmy Page said during the interview:

“It’s such a very sad and desperate time and what this virus has done internationally to families, to the arts, and everything we love and hold dear and the whole concert situation, it does worry me. I will never be one of those people who’ll record alone and send someone a file. I never went into music in the first place to do that, it was for playing together and this is what it means.”

Following these remarks, Jimmy Page went on to discuss why it is important to perform live together. Page said that playing with people encourages the formation of communities which is highly needed for young musicians.

He continued by saying that when people are at the beginning of their music career, it is those live performances and gigs that push them to improve themselves, as they hope that they will soon get bigger gigs. Live performances increase the musicians’ passion for their art, and sadly COVID-19 is currently preventing them from pursuing their passion.

Here is what Jimmy Page said about the rock community:

We need to play with people, we need gigs and we need community. Because without that, music means nothing. Playing live is so important for young musicians. When we were young, we all had these little gigs, hoping to play somewhere bigger and it’s such an important part of that communion of musicians playing together.

For me, it’s always been the most important thing.”

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