Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan spoke to Vikram Chandrasekar and talked about a possibility of a reunion with Ritchie Blackmore. Also, he revealed the reason why he couldn’t get paid during Deep Purple’s golden times.

As you might know, Deep Purple had been through several hiatuses and line-up changes throughout the years due to personal problems and creative differences between the band members. Gillan and Blackmore also had verbal fights and accused each other of causing the band’s downfall.

Previously, Gillan shared his ideas about Blackmore’s departure saying it was the best for Deep Purple while Blackmore highlighted his lack of character. However, both of them later realized that they were too harsh toward each other due to managers’ pressure and their artistic differences.

In addition, Ian Gillan clearly stated that Deep Purple won’t reunite with Blackmore but they are in touch. He reminded the days when managers were too free to do whatever they wanted. That’s why he couldn’t get any money while Deep Purple’s records were being sold millions and hitting the charts.

Gillan stated in his interview that:

“No. The answer to your question is yes, we are in touch. Tensions eased quite a lot after we got hold of our business affairs and sorted everything out. There were previous managers from the past who had not done things exactly as you would like. I didn’t get paid for 10 years when I was with Deep Purple in the big years and goodness knows what happened to all that.

There were other tensions too and needless to say, it was all pretty nasty when we finished and Ritchie walked out. However, we’re too old for that now. We’ve both written some pleasant notes via our managers.”

Consequently, it seems that Ian Gillan is very happy about the end of managers’ power and pressure on Deep Purple. He is currently earning the money that he deserves after many years of struggle.