Rock Candy Magazine has released the ‘August – September’ issue (Issue 21) that features a fabulous cover of English rock band formed in Hertford, and one of the most powerful bands of the heavy metal genre, Deep Purple, and had an exclusive interview with the iconic members of the band: Ian Gillan and Ian Paice.

According to the recently published interview of Deep Purple legend Ian Gillan, the band earned a huge amount of money in their early career, however, their passion for the music is not related to the money anyhow.

Gillan also added that in their whole career, they did what pleases them and waited for the public to like it. At the end of the day, they’ve received the fruits of their labor by not doing anything spesific for the public.

Here is what Ian Gillan told:

“The early days were fabulous. Everything was new and wonderful and shocking. Things got bigger and bigger and bigger, so we became very confident. But as young men, we were also wealthy. We had more money than we could ever imagine.

In those circumstances, you can end up becoming surrounded by sycophants who tell you you can’t do a thing wrong. At that age, I thought I knew everything. How wrong I was.”

He continued:

“We never try to second-guess what the public wants, or what the business might desire from us in terms of the records we make.

What we do is what pleases us, and we cross our fingers and put our hands together in prayer that the public will like it.”

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