In a recent interview with Heavy Demons, Emperor’s composer and vocalist Ihsahn has revealed that listening to other types of music improves his musical capability.

As you can read below, Ihsahn shocked the fans by explaining why he doesn’t listen to metal music. Afterward, he stated that you need creativity to make music and you should listen to other genres for making your creativity on the top level.

Here is what Ihsahn said:

“It’s what I do. It’s not that I’m bored of it, but it’s probably like a chef trying to come up with new recipes from eating and preparing the same food over and over again.

Sometimes, you need those other influences, especially in musical genres and ways of creating music that I have no experience with, where I’m surprised and I discover musical elements that inspire me, and I feel I might implement that into my own palette or repertoire.”

Ihsahn about the early days of Emperor:

“I don’t think there’s anything I miss. Not at all. What was important back then is that I got to spend all my professional time – my passion for music became my work. Emperor has been so important in leading up to me being able to do this for my whole grown-up life.

I still get to explore; I still get to challenge myself and release, record and create music; and I get to play shows all over the world, both with Emperor and as Ihsahn.”

He continued:

“I don’t miss being super-broke and having really hard touring conditions and things being very chaotic. I’m very, very pleased with where I’m at in my life.”

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