Former drummer of Guns N’Roses and current member of Devo, John Freese, spoke in a recent interview with Drinks With Johnny and revealed the details of his first met with Maynard James Keenan and Tool.

In the conversation, John, who is also the former bandmate of Maynard from ‘A Perfect Circle,’  pointed out that everybody in the scene was thinking that Maynard James and his colleagues were grumpy and don’t like to hang out with the other musicians.

John stated that he first met with Maynard James in 1997 during the tour with Devo and said that the Tool members were showing their support during the tour all the time. He said that Maynard James and Tool were so cool guys and proved why everybody in the community loves them.

Interviewer asked:

“Shortly after GN’R, you’re starting up A Perfect Circle with Maynard. Take me through a brief little period of A Perfect Circle up to the latest release, which was by the way fucking incredible.”

John Freese said:

“I met Maynard in ’97 – summer ’97. I was playing with Devo on Lollapalooza, back when it was a touring entity. Anyways, Devo was on the tour, Tool was on the tour, and I became buddies with the Tool guys.

Everyone else on the tour said that they were kind of like grumpy and didn’t really hang out. We were only on the tour for two weeks, but they were all fans.

So when Devo popped up on the main stage for two weeks, they were on the side of the stage, every night.

And the same guys that were kind of not giving the other bands the time of the day – we’d finish the show and they’d be like, ‘Dude, can I get part of your yellow suit?’ Adam’s got taste. They’re all super-cool, and I love those guys.”

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