Speaking in a recent interview with Stormbringer webzine, Emperor frontman Ihsahn has described ‘pop music industry’ in a sarcastic way.

Here’s the statement:

“My main ambition is to just keep myself enthusiastic and engaged in what I do. I don’t think any musician could really do it if you make music to please some kind of market or whatever. There’s lot of music like that. It’s called the pop industry. [Laughs] Y

ou still have gems in there, but you have people who do the right thing. I think I owe my fans and people who have followed my work and made it possible for me to make this my full-time job and play the music I love is to be as genuine and truthful and uncompromising today as back when we did the first Emperor albums.

If it was up to me alone, this would be what Emperor would sound like. Not in that sense, but this is how I make metal now. As a fan of music myself, I like different periods of different artists. I don’t expect people to just blindly follow what I do. It’s a very kind of fair exchange. I make my music without compromise and people can check it out or not.”

He also talked about his latest solo album “Ámr” and said:

“I always have this tendency to create some kind of visual and sonic landscape to place an album in. I usually do a write-up of what kind of album I want to make before I actually start writing the music. I have a rather clear picture of what kind of atmosphere that I want to approach so that when I write music in that period, I can easily compare it to this original idea.

If I write something that I might be happy with, but it doesn’t fit, it’s not the piece of that puzzle, then it’s easier to recognize when I write something that is a piece of that puzzle because I come from that age where I related to ‘albums.’ I want albums to have certain individual songs, but they complete a whole.”

Ihsahn’s latest album “Ámr” was released on May 4, 2018 via Candlelight Records. The album was his seventh studio album.

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