Emperor singer Ihsahn spoke in an interview with Loud TV from France and explained the story of his first met with Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt.

He said:

“I think I’ve known Mikael [Åkerfeldt] from… we met the first time back in 1994, because they were also at Candlelight. I think I met Fredrik when I did my first solo show as Ihsahn. That was support for Opeth in Oslo… We played Loud Park in Japan with Emperor, and Opeth was there as well. We started talking, and I told him about my admiration for his playing.

Of new guitarists, he’s really sailed up to be one of my absolute favorites, because he seems to be so inspired by everything that I love about guitar playing from the past, but he still has the skills of the really modern guitar player, and his choice of notes and his tone is so passionate. I just asked him right there and then — ‘Someday, I might give you a call to ask if you want to do a solo or something.’ He said, ‘I’m in.’

Then I found this section for ‘Arkana Imperii’ that was kind of a tricky one harmonically, but I sent him that, and the result speaks for itself. [It was] kind of a bad idea, because it puts all my solos to shame. [Laughs]”

Back in November, he expressed his feelings about pop music and said:

“My main ambition is to just keep myself enthusiastic and engaged in what I do. I don’t think any musician could really do it if you make music to please some kind of market or whatever. There’s lot of music like that. It’s called the pop industry.[Laughs]

You still have gems in there, but you have people who do the right thing. I think I owe my fans and people who have followed my work and made it possible for me to make this my full-time job and play the music I love is to be as genuine and truthful and uncompromising today as back when we did the first Emperor albums.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.