Dan Reynolds, who is the singer of Imagine Dragons, has posted an onstage photo of his wife, Aja Wolkman, and celebrated her birthday with a little message on Twitter.

If you check out the message, Dan described his wife as ‘powerful and strongest’ woman in the world. Here’s what Dan wrote on Twitter:

“Happy birthday to my strong and powerful woman, Aja Wolkman.

I am lucky to stand by your side. Lucky to learn from you every day. I love you X”

A fan called Skylar commented:

“Love her so much. She’s so strong and inspiring. Happy birthday to her <3”

An Imagine Dragons fan page account, Imagine Dragons Family, wrote:

“She’s such a fantastic woman, strong, full of life, smart and with a huge heart. We love her thoughts and the strength she put into fighting for her ideals.

We wish you a happy Birthday Aja Wolkman and we feel blessed to have you in our lives even if just for a little.”

Check out the tweet of Dan below.