Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds shared two recent tweets on his official Twitter account and opened up about his sobriety by revealing this is the first day of his sobriety, and he will check with his followers who would like to help and try with him. 

Imagine Dragons released their first album in 2012. Since that year, they hit the lits, won awards, and sold millions of albums. But behind closed doors, the frontman, Dan Reynolds is coping with some mental issues. 

As you may already know, Dan Reynolds has been struggling with depression since childhood, and he openly speaks about his mental state on his verified Twitter account, during interviews, and on the stage. Even their song ‘Believer‘ illustrates Dan Reynolds’s struggle with depression. 

A few months ago, Reynolds also revealed his experience with drugs on Twitter. His followers criticized him for characterizing drug use as a choice rather than a disease. In response, Reynolds posted series of tweets explaining that there was a misunderstanding and he is on their side too. However, he was not satisfied enough with his explanations and decided to delete all of his tweets.

Thankfully, he decided to be an active Twitter user again in April. However, we may assume Dan Reynolds is still dealing with his mental issues and looking for a solution by quitting alcohol since he posted two new tweets revealing his sobriety today.

First, he stated that today is the first day of his sobriety. Second, he mentioned that he will keep us informed in a week in case anyone would like to join him. He also said that he can use all the help he can get.

Here is how Reynolds said:

“Day 1 of sobriety…

I’ll check in with you in a week if you wanna try it with me. I can use all the help I can get. X.”

You can see the tweets Dan Reynolds posted on his Twitter account below.