Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds declared his love to his lovely wife, Aja Volkman, and celebrated the Mother’s Day of her on Twitter.

As you can see in the post below, Dan wrote that Aja is everything to him and revealed the importance of her in his life. Also, he celebrated the Mother’s Day of Aja and stated that he hopes for his children to grow up to be like her.

Dan’s tweet loved by most of his followers, and they shared their reactions by liking, replying, and retweeting the post.

Here is what Dan Reynolds wrote:

“Happy Mother’s Day to my Aja! You are everything I hope my little girls will grow up to be.”

A fan named Lujan replied:

“Dan she’s amazing. You’re a lucky man. I follow her on social media. She’s a wonder woman, amazing person, mom, woman, artist. I love her. All the love for you guys.”

Another fan named Lera added this comment:

“Beautiful and stunning in every way.”

You can check out the post below.