The frontman of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds has posted an unseen high school photo of himself on Twitter, and fans felt disappointed after seeing it.

We all know Dan with his gym-honed body, charismatic look, and awesome singing skills on the stage. But in the rare photo, as you can see below, Dan’s high school appearance is far away and different from his current appearance.

Here’s what he wrote on the photo:

“The triple threat. Perfectly symmetrical forehead zit. Cool ass glasses. Braces with rubber bands and expander with a key.”

In the comment section, a fan named Marta has shared one of the recent photos of Dan and said:

“Trust the process.”

A Twitter fan page commented:

“We love you, Dan Reynolds. All of us went through that phase, and all that you’ve been has made you the incredible man you are today! Thanks for sharing this with us.”

Check out the photo below.