The vocalist and the frontman of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds shared a post on his Twitter account expressing his gratefulness for his fan base. He thanked all the fans out there who listen and praise music.

The Grammy Award-winning rock-pop band has released five studio albums. The first one, Night Visions, provided the band with instant fame. Many of the songs from the album had great reviews from the critics.

The band Imagine Dragons have been in the music world since the year 2008. The band released the album called ‘Night Visions,’ which would make them known worldwide in 2012. The first song of the album ‘It’s Time’ was on the top of the charts. The first song of the band that went diamond was Radioactive with over 8 million sales in the US.

The band released their fourth studio album ‘Evolve,’ a year after ‘Smoke N’ Mirrors.’ Their 2017 studio album was on top of the weekly charts all around the world and was considered a success by many reviews. The song Believer went diamond with more than a million sales.

Here is what Reynolds had said in his tweet.

“When I started writing songs at the age of 12 it was only for me. Today I found out that believer went diamond, making it our second song to do so. And I have no words to describe my gratitude to you. To everyone who took the time to listen & celebrate life through music. X.”

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