On a recent Twitter post, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds stated that he felt devastated after the message he got from Dave Rublin.

Dan loss his brother Wes Reynolds and shared a photo of him to mourn his legacy. Also, Dan shared his feelings, explained how good a person he was.

Afterward, Dave Rublin replied to the tweet that he also lost his sister last month and sent his goodwill to Wes Reynolds. Following this message, Dan Reynolds felt really sad about Dave’s loss. Dan did empathy and said that he sent all the love to Dave and his sister.

Here is what Dave Rublin wrote:

“So sorry for your loss dan, I lost my little sister last month, it’s been an overwhelming few months, sending you healing a love during this time.”

Dan Reynolds replied:

“I’m so sorry Dave all the love to you and yours x”

You can check his tweet below.