Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds posted a new statement after the reactions that he faced from the fans on Twitter and reacted to some fans who slammed for his LGBTQ-supportive attitude.

As you might remember, Dan showed some photos from an LGBTQ collection via his verified Twitter page yesterday, and he got really angry for the disrespectful comments of his followers.

As we all know, Dan Reynolds is a super-supporter and activist of the LGBTQ community. Dan Reynolds shared the clothes that he bought from the ‘LoveLoud Foundation’ to show his endless support to the LGBTQ community. But some haters mocked his poses and the clothes he wore.

Dan Reynolds responded to the haters who mocked him for with his poses and wearing their clothes. He also said that he hated those who judge him.

Here’s what Dan Reynolds wrote:

“Don’t judge my cheesy homemade photoshoot via aja u dirty dogs it’s a good cause I hate you all love Dan.”

He also shared a photo of himself and said:

“I see u always.”

A Twitter user named marvlxshawn commented and support him:

“Never! you’re real model and i love this.”

Another fan named BinneyLouise said this:

“Great reason to pose. Love ya work.”

Check out the tweets below.