Imagine Dragons star and famous personality in social media, Dan Reynolds, has shared a recent tweet about the death of Kobe Bryant, who the unforgettable player of Los Angeles Lakers, on his verified and official Twitter account.

A few hours ago, the world was shocked by Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash. As you might all know, he was just 41 years old. The death of Kobe Bryant and his daughters was confirmed by the investigators and news agencies.

After the death news of Kobe Bryant, Dan Reynolds has shared a short tweet about Kobe Bryant and he was looking very sad in the tweet. Also, Dan Reynolds said last time that ‘Rest In Peace’ for Kobe.

Here’s what he wrote in the tweet:

“Rest In Peace Kobe.”

A fan named Charlene Cameron took a comment:

“I am a huge empath, I can’t help but think of the events that lead up to the crash, how helpless Kobe must’ve felt knowing he couldn’t protect his child it makes me feel so uneasy and extremely sad.

Hug your family, live each day to the max. RIP all.”

Another fan named Jacob wrote this:

“RIP Kobe & Gianna. This is so heartbreaking, he meant so much to many around the world. Sending my condolences to the families.

It’s been really hard today with this happening, as a basketball fan and just play. So just want to say I love you, Dan.”

You can see the tweet of Dan Reynolds right below.