Imagine Dragons singer and frontman Dan Reynolds wrote a new tweet on his official Twitter account and gave a strong message to the world to solve the current problems all over humanity.

Dan suggests the people change and asked no more weapons of war to give our children a better world.

Here is his message:

“We have a gun problem.

We have a mental health problem.

We have loopholes that need to be fixed.

We have a lot of hate and hurt.

I’m asking for a change. I’m asking for no more weapons of war. I’m asking for better laws that ensure the safety of my children.”

You can see the tweet below.

Yesterday, Dan Reynolds posted other tweets and asked his followers help to join him on his cause about the latest hate and violence crimes in America.

Firstly, he started by sending his good wishes to El Paso.

“Sending the people of El Paso all my love 💔”

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