Imagine Dragons’ iconic frontman and also one of the most famous activists on social media, Dan Reynolds, posted four different tweets in a row and shared the current mental status of him to inform his fan base.

As you may already know, Dan Reynolds had so many mental issues during his whole life. Back in 2018, he confessed that he came to a point that he does not have any option at all, and he was about to lose his family unless he seeks help for his mental issues.

He also stated that he tried to cure himself with medication but it was so scary for him. Later on, he decided to quit medication because he does not want to change his music because of that.

Today, Dan posted a couple of new tweets about his mental problems and admitted that he feels depressed for some time and talking with his therapist for a while. After sharing his current mental status, he also claimed that he will never lose his war with his mental problems.

Here are the whole statements of Dan Reynolds about his mental issues:

“Been having such a bad spike of depression lately. Not sure if it’s seasonal/world events?. Either way, it feels incredibly overwhelming and gray. Very antisocial & filled with anxiety. Seeking help with my therapist. I share this publicly so that if anyone else feels it u aren’t alone.

My desire in sharing is to destigmatize depression. This isn’t a weakness or a cry for help. This is reality. Money/fame will not cure my life’s struggle w depression. It started in my early teens and comes and goes. I don’t know y. Therapy has saved my life though.”

Later on, he posted three more tweets on his account:

“I really have so much. Incredible privilege. Beautiful children and a woman that loves me so much and fights for me. It overwhelms me how blessed I am every day. Still, I become incredibly numb and grey in spurts of months/years. Comes and goes.

I will never lose my fight with this. I will fight for life and happiness until death takes me kicking and screaming. Too much to live for!

You can check out the latest tweets of Dan right below.