Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds shared several posts on his official Twitter page revealing an upcoming project of Imagine Dragons, yet he did not make a further explanation except the fact that Reynolds himself does not even know if it’s good or bad.

As you may remember, the talented frontman Dan Reynolds shared a shirtless selfie on his official Instagram page way back in August which turned out to be the teaser of Imagine Dragons‘ upcoming fifth album.

Here is how Reynolds previously announced the new album:

“Public void LP5.untitled”

Recently, Dan Reynolds shared a new post on his official Twitter account announcing a brand new project of the band. In his tweet, Dan promised his fans that the project is real, however, he was not sure if it would be good or bad. In addition, Reynolds stated that regardless of the result it will definitely be a projection of the real Imagine Dragons.

Here is what Reynolds said:

We are working on something. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. what even is good or bad anymore. not sure – it’s real though. I always promise you that. Real us. See you soon.”

Later on, Reynolds spilled the beans and shared another post on Twitter revealing his true opinion about the mysterious project. Apparently, he thinks Imagine Dragons’ new work will be good.

Here is what he said:

I think it’s good tho tbh.”

After sharing a selfie covering half of his smiling face, Dan Reynolds expressed his love for his fans and hinted that 2021 is the year for their big reveal. Since his last album reveal was also with a selfie on his Instagram page, fans instantly assumed it was about the new album.

Here is what Dan said:

“But for real… I have so much love for you all. 2021 is the year I feel it. Good night, amen. X.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.