On a recent post on his official Twitter account, Imagine Dragon’s frontman Dan Reynolds shared a picture of himself and his wife Aja Volkman walking with the protestors in Las Vegas.

After the tragic death of George Floyd, the demonstrations against racism and unjust treatment of police officers have been continuing in many states. Some of the artists and celebrities have participated in the protests physically on the streets.

Imagine Dragon‘s vocalist Dan Reynolds joined the protests in Las Vegas and posted his picture holding a sign ‘Black Lives Matter‘ written on it via his official Twitter account. He also mentioned the peaceful environment of the demonstrations on the caption of his post:

“Hundreds out here peacefully protesting in Vegas

The fans and followers appreciated Dan’s support for the cause and showed their gratitude via many comments on his Twitter post.

A fan named Mary Jane Stricklin wrote:

You two are awesome and setting a great example.”

Another fan named Michelle wrote:

So, you’re out there? Good. Thank you for showing us peaceful people protesting.

A Twitter follower named TJ added:

“Thank you dude for continuing to be a source of positivity, change, open-mindedness, healing, and revolution. You are inspiring. Thank you for using your platform.”

You can see Dan Reynolds’ post on his official Twitter account below.