The iconic frontman and founder of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds has shared a new tweet about the funny moment he had with his brother, Mac Reynolds.

As you will see the video below, Mac Reynolds had fallen asleep on the couch and he looks really tired in the video. Dan Reynolds’ made a little joke while his brother is sleeping.

Also, Dan Reynolds has written a sincere and emotional thanks message to his brother due to Mac Reynolds’ helps.

Here’s what Dan wrote:

“Also thankful to our amazing manager, who happens to be my brother @realmacreynolds.

I made sure to show him my gratitude for him tonight.”

A fan named Suzanne Norman commented and said this:

“Omg. I used to do that to the kids with strands of hair. We had challenges as to who could hold out the longest without scratching the tickle.”

Another fan named Christian Larson wrote this:

“He seems so used it. I can see you have been messing with him ever since you were a little boy!”

You can see the tweet right below.