The iconic frontman and founder of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds has shared some new tweets on his official Twitter account to announce an important issue.

In these tweets, he has accepted that he have depression and anxiety problem. And also he has made an extraordinary statement about the problems that he is struggling.

Here’s his statement:

“Many days I dream of running away from everything. music. politics. social media. the city. Living in the woods somewhere w just me and my family. hiding, I guess. i get really tired of the drama. the constant sad headlines.

But then I always go back to the same thoughts:

You can’t just hide. you can’t tell your little ones that it’s all ok when it’s not. you must fight! you must prepare them for a world that is broken but also filled w beauty. We must wake every day and fight for equality and Peace.

Every day I choose to live because life is worth living! I accept my depression and anxiety. I see it as my lifelong battle.

It will never get the best of me. For those of you who wake up feeling numb and gray a lot of days – I know you – I AM you. choose to stay alive w me.”

You can see his all tweets below.