Yesterday, we published an article about how Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds posted a really bizarre tweets on his verified Twitter account.

As we reported yesterday, Dan Reynolds deleted those interesting tweets just after he posted on social media.

Before continuing, you might want to check out the tweets by clicking here.

Today, Dan posted yet another bunch of tweets, and admitted that he has some mental issues and his account did not hacked by anyone.

Here is what he wrote:

“Sorry I only think/type/talk in caps at this point cause this world is forcing me into caps lock mode w this craziness.

and no the other night I was not hacked I just had a bad night. today’s a new day. new fight. X”

He continued:

“I have “major depressive disorder”
I have “anxiety” I have “ADHD”
I have thought of harming myself
I am not a “victim seeking attention”
I choose to stay alive every day!
I have a therapist.,

This does not make me weak or broken.

I am strong and powerful. And so are you.”

You can see his tweets below.