Imagine Dragons star and famous personality in social media, Dan Reynolds has shared a new tweet about the latest status of the band, Imagine Dragons, and stated that the band continues as it is.

Here is what Dan Reynolds wrote about the breaking up rumors about the band:

“The bands not breaking up what the!”

Dan Reynolds also sent yet another tweet on his verified page and wished good luck all to his followers and fans for 2020.

In this tweet, Dan Reynolds has made a sincere statement for explaining his own expectations from the New Year. He talked very nominatively for all fans and friends of himself with great expectations.

Here’s the statement of Dan Reynolds:

“I hope your holiday is filled w love and acceptance. I hope you know you are perfect the way you are.

Love yourself. May 2020 be your best year yet. I hope it is filled w more smiles than tears. I hope the world is a little kinder to you. I hope to see you and give you a hug. Xx”

A fan named Jess commented:

“Holidays are always the hardest without complete love and acceptance but that’s okay. i’ll be okay. we’ll be okay.

I know other people have it worse. and i’ll get thru it. love you.”

Another fan named Sergio said:

“I read it as “may 2020” was referring at the month and I was like WTF IS HAPPENING IN MAY so now you better come to Europe in mayor I’ll be disappointed.”

 You can see both tweets of Dan Reynolds right below: