Dan Reynolds, the great frontman of Imagine Dragons, penned an emotional open letter to his fans who supports him on social media.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“So many people to thank. my heart is full. My eyes have cried all the tears they had in them. I can’t express my gratitude to each and every one of you. tonight was a miracle. I felt your hearts in a very real way. I love you. each and every one of you. be love. love who you love.

I felt connected to you in a way I can’t express. as if we are all one entity. hurting and reeling through this thing called life as one giant ocean. being tossed and turned. but together holding on for dear life. I am you and you are me.

Thank you for loving me and I love you.”

A fan named Bauti wrote to Dan:

“Congratss, i hope everyone felt loved and accepted! thank you for talking to jess, it really means a lot that you actually care. I love you with my whole heart and all I can say is thank you for accepting us the way we are and I wish we can meet so I can give you the biggest hug”

Dan responded:

“I love you Bauti”

You can see the tweets below.